How does the FRACBOX work?

The current supply chain utilized by the market is unnecessarily costly and frustratingly time consuming. With multiple handlings between a variety of transport and storage vessels, product quality goes down and prices go up.

The FRACBOX allows customers to cut out all of that unnecessary handling time and cost. Our system brings secured, high quality product from the supplier to the user in a single, intermodal device.

There are currently four methods for transporting aggregate material on the market being utilized by the oil and natural gas sectors for supplying their hydraulic fracturing (“frac”) sand.

  • 1. Super Sacks
  • 2. Pneumatic Tanker Trucks
  • 3. Railroad Hopper Cars
  • 4. River Barges
  • capacity of 1 ton
  • capacity of 25 tons
  • capacity of 100 tons
  • capacity of 1000 tons

When your delivery is at the mercy of the railroads, your quality is at the risk of the trans-load facilities.

When you are losing revenue is at the cost of demurrage fees, your business can be largely out of control.

When trans-loading deteriorates the value of your aggregates, you rapidly reduce your per pound/ton margins.

FRACBOX lets you take back control of your transportation costs, increase margins and gives you a competitive advantage.


The FRACBOX allows you to…

  • Reach higher market prices through spot demand and delivery
  • Bypass the difficulties of working with the railroads
  • Protect your product from the breakdown caused by multiple handlings
  • Reduce your liability by testing once at the mine and securing the product
  • Access every means of transport (road, rail or sea)
  • Provide your customers value by supplying a critical element of their operation while saving them space on site, time in delivery, and unnecessary costs